Introduction to bp Imageshop

Welcome to bp Imageshop, our contemporary internal photo library covering bp’s people and operations.

All these images are approved, with appropriate rights legally owned by bp so they can be used freely for communications (however, as noted on the website, please contact the team for any advertising use).

Some images are marked ‘INTERNAL USE ONLY’ which are strictly for internal communications within bp.

Anyone with a bp user account can auto-log into the platform (no need to register). External approved agency suppliers can register on the site, but to be approved, a bp sponsor will need to confirm to our team that they should be granted access. To let us know please contact our team via email.

Using Imageshop

Once logged in, the landing page of the web site features a range of curated galleries of content to help you navigate to our latest, most pertinent images. 
You can also use the platform to search for photos. Our shoots overall are tagged by location name, date, sector of business, name of the project/initiative, and numerous other editorial search terms.

Many bp initiatives are still under development and there is no imagery available (for example CCUS, hydrogen, offshore wind farms, etc). In these instances, it may be helpful to think about other images that could support the story – for example, employees working on the planning stages of the project, or details of the location or local community.

Support and additional resource (Getty Images)

For additional support in helping us point you to the most relevant content, you can contact our team via email.

NOTE: we generally remove images from view after 3 years, due to branding, legal and personnel requirements. However, we retain that older content, and can supply it on a case by case basis if nothing more recent or suitable is available.

When looking for images of other subjects such as cityscapes, communities or abstract imagery which may not be available on bp Imageshop, we have access to the vast library of stock images (as well as stock video and music) at Getty Images, access to which can again be provided by contacting our team.

Commissioning new photography

When suitable existing images cannot be found, and where a budget exists to develop new imagery, the following approaches can be taken:

Consider commissioning new photography. Though potentially time consuming, this may be a suitable investment, especially if the communication is high profile or it’s a recurring subject and the assets we create will be used repeatedly. To have our team help source, contract, brief and assign an approved photographer that meets bp standards anywhere globally, and to ensure success, please contact our team via email.

As an alternative to photography, consider commissioning or sourcing an illustration to help support your communication. For advice, please contact the bp brand team.

Photography brand guidelines

bp’s latest photography brand guidelines are published and available on Brand Central as follows:

Photography look and feel

Finding and using photography